How can I get a California State ID while maintaining my driver's license from another state?

"I moved from Colorado to California, and maintain both Medical Marijuana Cards. (thanks for the rec, HelloMD) That being said, several dispensaries within California will not take me without a California ID. I attend college out here, but technically live in Colorado. Legally is there a way I can obtain both forms of Identification? Such as having my Driver’s License from Colorado as well as a California State ID, if that is legal?"

Thanks for using HelloMD! Although there is nothing in CA law that requires you to have a CA ID, as you discovered, some dispensaries have their own rules about who they admit to their collectives. Oftentimes, for these exceptions, if you present your valid CA recommendation letter and a valid state-issued photo ID (from any state), they will accept you if you bring proof that you reside in CA; this can take the form of a lease or utility bill with your CA address, or proof of enrollment at your CA college. Hope that helps!


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