How much CBD do I need to take in order to help with my chronic pain?

"Is there a difference between different types of CBD? I am new to cannabis and have struggled with chronic pain for some time following a car accident. I do not want to take pharmaceuticals and I am not interested in THC and the high associated with it. If I take CBD, what kind do I take, how much and in what form. It seems very confusing to me. My state is not yet legal, will that complicate things?"

CBD can be great for chronic pain management, depending on what you may be dealing with, because it is used to reduce inflammation. It is also great for people that do not want the psychoactive effects you get from THC, but still want to get the medical benefits you get from the cannabis plant.
If you are in a state that is not legal, that can complicate things, but fortunately, hemp derived CBD oil is not regulated the same way cannabis, so hemp derived CBD is legal in most states. There are products available in many different varieties, such as gummies, vape pens, oil tinctures, gel capsules, topicals, and many other forms so you can find the product that works best for you.


CBD is a compound found in cannabis the way vitamin C is in oranges. Is the vitamin C in lemons different? Of course not. The effects of cannabis in humans result from the interplay of many compounds in the plant, of which CBD is just one. While some of the others (eg THC) have psychoactivity, CBD by itself does not. Whether taking a given amount of CBD is reliably associated with a reduction in pain as experienced by most patients is a question that has not yet been scientifically answered, although there is no shortage of answers on the internet. But at the same time it appears that CBD is not particularly toxic to humans at any dose, making it remarkably safe to give it a try. Some preparations consist of CBD extracted from cannabis by itself, others combine it in various ratios with other cannabis compounds, and some patients prefer using a cannabis strain bred specifically to express a lot of CBD relative to other compounds (eg Harlequin). It is confusing because, unlike penicillin or Prozac, there is no scientifically validated protocol for taking CBD. Many patients have reported benefit in finding a particular ratio of CBD:THC that reduces discomfort without compromising focus or intellectual function. There is no substitute for cautious experimentation, and you might begin by reading this short article to get some background information: (https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/cannabis-101-your-quick-guide-to-medical-marijuana).


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