I am a 56-year-old post menopausal woman who has trouble getting aroused and having orgasms.

"I have tried Foria products with some result. Can you suggest anything else ? "

Great question! This is a common experience that I hear about from many post menopausal women. Foria can be a great help for building arousal, especially if it’s been given a fair amount of time on the vulva and clitoris to reach optimal sensation (15-60 mins). This "activation" time actually is a great place to incorporate additional sensation into your sex play. For example, do you own a vibrator? Vibration facilitates blood flow which is essential to arousal. You might consider trying a vibrator around your clitoris and vulva to bring new sensation and help build arousal along with your Foria. You can even do this with a partner! Something like the Magic Wand is a classic vibrator choice though you can find many options of vibes at stores like goodvibes.com. In addition to vibration, erotic stories & films can also do a wonderful job at inspiring and enticing. And don’t forget about comfort! Sensuality and arousal can start way before the clothes come off. Whether that’s indulging in your favorite herbal products, soaking in a relaxing bath, or adjusting your music and lighting, creating a mood can often help us to get "in the mood." Hope this helps!


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