I've tried this… well, my wife has… to absolutely no effect. Is this normal?

"(We made it to our 40s with no THC consumption and now it seems to have zero effect in any form — specifically with Foria… down there… are we missing something? Could we actually be androids? Could we be immune to 420? Are we /that/ square?)"

I didn’t begin using cannabis until a few years ago when I turned 62. I initially used it for medical reasons. I found that if I use the same thing or strain too many times in a row, I had little to no effects eventually…it didn’t matter if it was THC or CBD. The thing is to change it up every so often, or even a few times in a week. Or stay away from it for awhile. When you go back it should be ok. Everyone’s different though. I don’t smoke because it does nothing. I only make my own edibles.


While you both could be androids, immune or square (thought doubtful since your on our website!), there may be another more reasonable explanation. The reactions that people experience when using cannabis, Foria included, is highly variable from person to person and even from day to day. Though there is a "suggested" amount that Foria suggests to use, 5 spays worth, your partner may need more. Or may need to wait longer then the 15-30 minutes suggested as well. With all cannabis products it is a matter of trying different amounts and time frames to see the effect. The logic of "go low and slow" applies to Foria as well as to all cannabis products.

Keep experimenting and, even if you both are androids, you’ll have some fun!

Perry Solomon, MD

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