i am having bariatric surgery. I use a vape pen for CBD, is this ok prior and post surgery?

"they seem very concerned with "smoking" and feel vaping is the same as smoking and will test me for nicotine prior to surgery. Thoughts? and reccomendation if there is a type of CBD ratio that would be ok"


The simplest course of action would likely be switching to edibles, sprays, tinctures or oils for at least two weeks prior to surgery. Otherwise, the medical reason for using CBD would factor into the decision. Smoking nicotine only damages health and has also been shown to dramatically increase respiratory complications during and after surgery. Nicotine would also impede post-surgery wound healing. CBD, on the other hand, may be vital to the patient’s short term health, e.g. as an anticonvulsant. So a physician would weigh risks vs benefits in order to make an informed recommendation.

The amount of CBD used could also factor into the decision, as very high amounts may alter how your body metabolizes many agents used during general anesthesia, and can also reduce your body’s ability to form blood clots. For these reasons, and many more, you should always be forthright with your surgeon, and especially with your anesthesiologist. However, unless a very high amount of CBD is used, as previously mentioned, the main consideration would likely be the prevention of respiratory complications, both during and after surgery.

In order to evaluate your specific case properly, I advise that you consult with a physician. This information should not be taken as medical advice.


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