I have end stage liver disease. Can cannabis help me?

"I stopped drinking over a year ago. I also severe ADHD so I don’t want to make that worse. "

Hello, There are insufficient research studies on Cirrhosis and Cannabis, in fact, the few studies conducted provide conflicting conclusions. The same is for ADD and Cannabis. I would recommend remaining under the care of your medical providers for Cirrhosis and ADD. However, supplementation with CBD may help. Some studies suggest that Cannabidiol (CBD) may help combat cirrhosis progression by assisting in the death of hepatic stellate cells. Findings also support that CBD can serve as a protective strategy against tissue damage in cirrhosis, by reducing the force of key inflammatory pathway. Anecdotal evidence also suggest that CBD may help in the management of impulsive and hyperactive behaviors associated with ADD. High levels of cortisol and low levels of dopamine are at the root of many ADD/ADHD symptoms. CBD can reduce levels of cortisol and increase levels of dopamine in the brain, helping manage the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.


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