Looking for a medical marijuana to help with chronic back pain for my 72 year old father.

"He has arthritis, a degenerstive building disc, and spinal stenosis. He’s not a candidate for Surgery due to age, Parkinson’s, and diabetes. Tried many other forms of pain management and nothing is working."

It’s hard to see a family member suffer, especially if you feel you are out of options. Fortunately, cannabis is known to help with chronic pain and there are many different methods of consumption that you may try, and many that do not produce a psychoactive high. I am not a doctor, but I can tell you what other children of elderly parents have told me as well as what seniors have directly communicated about their experience.

if your father is not a cannabis consumer I would start with non psychoactive products. I am not against THC, as it is a powerful pain reliever, but CBD may help on its own and it is non psychoactive.

An 81 year old that had intense chronic pain for years recently told me high CBD cookies stopped his pain in its tracks. @moonmans has a high CBD cookie you can purchase in California. Another form of cannabis to try is the transdermal patch. They can be a ratio of CBD to THC such as 1:1 and be quite effective as well. There are many products on the market for this as well.


Continuing my answer… transdermal patches are time released. The other product you may wish to try would be a cannabis topical which provides localized relief.

If your father is willing to try THC/CBD for pain, vaping flower or oil cartridges can be highly effective for pain and provide immediate relief. I would start low and slow with anything that has THC. I find high CBD ratios such as ACDC or Canna Tsu can give me immediate relief. I hope this helps!


We just published a roundup of the top Q&As on chronic pain–2 of which talk specifically to back pain. Answers were given by a brand expert as well as 2 doctors, including our very own chief medical officer. According to Dr. Frye, "A variety with a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD maximizes the analgesic, muscle-relaxing, and anti-inflammatory activity, reduces anxiety, and elevates the mood. Patients who use this ratio remain clear minded, focused, and productive without feeling high or stoned. Topical cannabis salves and lotions are also very effective in reducing or eliminating pain." Hope this helps!


CBD is the right word for your father’s issue. Marijuana is basicaly a drug which make anyone high.
CBD is one of the compounds derived from the hemp plants.

Here is the link I am sharing in which you can find how CBD can be benificial in pain management:


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