Looking for non-psychoactive pain relief

"Breast cancer patient, finished with Chemo, had 1st surgery, next surgery in 4 months. Want to stop using prescribed opiate pain killers, but need to get steady pain relief. Any suggestions?"

Hi there!
Your choices would be between either pure CBD products, or those with low concentrations of THC in relation to CBD. When searching for the latter—which should be somewhat more effective than pure CBD—look for ratios of between 10:1 and 20:1. Ratios indicate the parts of CBD vs parts of THC; most often, the first number indicates the portion of CBD; the second, the portion of THC. So, 10:1 would indicate 10 parts of CBD, per every part of THC. Therefore, a 10:1 product would contain a higher proportion of THC than would a 20:1 product.

Some excellent products to consider:
If the pain is localized, I also recommend topical products with BOTH CBD and THC (topical creams won’t cause psychoactivity):
I hope this helps!


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