My Firefly 2 Vaporizer Overheats. Is this normal?

“I have a Firefly 2. I use high heat for flower and wax or rosin for the concentrate setting. I typically can’t get through a session before the vaporizer shuts itself off. Is this normal? Any suggestions to prevent this? Are others having the same issue?”

Put it down on a glass table for thirty seconds and revisit. The Firefly 2 is a portable vaporizer so it gets hot on high setting. This is just how it is but put her down take a drink of water and then pick it up again and go to town….


At the concentrate level the FF2 is at 500 degrees F. So yeah, the vaporizer can get hot, and for safety reasons there is a shut off until it cools down.I put mine on a glass table or tile, and it cools down rapidly. If you have a piece of flat aluminum, that will work great too since aluminum is a great heat conductor. Concentrates really rock in this device, and you can get good reclaim off of the inside of the borosilicate lid.


It really depends on how long your sessions are and especially if you’re holding the button and not inhaling. In Concentrates mode the device will run 3 full 30 second back to back cycles before overheating. If the unit is rested at all during that time it will easily get more than that. Resting the unit for about 2 minutes will cool down the unit and return it to normal operating temp.

My biggest advice for you would be to make sure that any time the LED is solid green make sure you are inhaling. If it’s green and you’re not inhaling then you’re just adding a lot of heat to the unit and wasting battery so definitely be careful if you’re just holding the buttons.


This is normal behavior when using high and concentrate settings, and constantly heating the device. Using the lower settings with flowers with prolong the device from overheating. When over heating does occur allowing the device time to rest and cool down will allow you to continue a session.


With flowers, set the ff2 on med-high or medium to enjoy the terpenes during the first 3 or 4 sips. Then switch the ff2 to high heat, which quickly and effectively vapes the cannabinoids until the flowers are spent. You might still have to wait a few minutes in between draws at this point, but you’ll better manage the ff2 heat and still enjoy all the goodness in your flowers. For concentrates, you wait a few more minutes in between draws because of the higher heat intensity. Or, make a simple heat sink at home. Wrap a chilled pack in a thick, dry towel and use it to draw off heat in between draws.


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