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"Greetings, I’m now just learning about your products through HelloMD’s announcement email, intro video, and other questions already asked. I must say I’m very intrigued! Also, I love your company name, it’s an excellent choice stemming from euphoria.

The area I live in is delivery only as store-front dispensaries are not permitted. As someone who’s new to your product line, which would you recommend to try out or experiment with my partner? Neither her nor I have allergies to coconut nor do either of experience any sort of pain or discomfort from activity. This would merely be for enhancing our bedroom experience."

The 2 products that you might want to try are Foria Pleasure and Foria Explore. Foria Pleasure is a liquid spray that the woman uses on her clitoris and around and slightly inside her vagina to heighten her sexual experience either alone or with with you.

Foria Explore is a suppository that helps to increase the sexual experience when having anal play and is inserted in the anus.

You can obtain details about these 2 products here: https://foriapleasure.com/pages/about-us

Perry Solomon, MD

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