what kind of cannabis would I use to help my liver?

There are multiple pre-clinical studies which suggest that cannabis may play a prominent role in promoting liver health. And unlike most cannabis research topics, there are several studies which investigate CBD’s effects on liver diseases, such as cirrhosis, liver failure and hepatic (liver) encephalopathy.

Additionally, in a chart review of nearly 320,000 patients published just this year, researchers concluded that "among alcohol users, individuals who additionally use cannabis (dependent and non-dependent cannabis use) showed significantly lower odds of developing alcoholic steatosis, fibrosis, cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinomna."

I would likely recommend a very high CBD:low THC strain such as ACDC, Ringo’s Gift or Harlequin — or a high CBD:low THC product, such as the 18:1 formulations found at
Please consult with a physician before starting any cannabis treatment regimen.


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