What type of cannabis product can I use for rapid onset? I don't want to smoke.

"Edibles are okay but have a slow onset. Sublingual tinctures and sprays have not worked for me. Any suggestions for a rapid onset without smoking?"

Vaporizing is a process whereby the dried cannabis flower or extract or concentrate is slowly subjected to heat at lower and more precise temperature allowing for the therapeutic ingredients in cannabis, cannabinoids such as THC, to phase-change into a gas or vapor and extract from the plant without burning the plant. This process produces vapor instead of smoke. It will deliver a rapid onset. Time of onset is in seconds. However duration of effect is on average only 1.5-2 hrs.

Transdermal delivery is a self-contained, discrete dosage form which, when applied to intact skin, deliver the drug(s) through the skin at a controlled rate into systemic circulation. It comes in the form of a patch or a gel that is applied directly to the skin. It is not available in every state, you would have to find out what forms are legal in the state you reside. However, transdermal delivery will provided you with the longest duration of effects. On average the effect lasts 6-8 hrs but the onset of effects can take up to 1.5 hrs.


A dry herb vaporizer will allow you to achieve quick results that can be tempered to the dose you need. I find that oil vaporizers get a fast result, but can be a bit more intense than one was hoping. Flower vaporizers give you a bit more control over how much THC is consumed. A pure convection device is your best bet in the flower vaporizer department as it allows for the more efficient extraction of oils from your herbs. Convection vaporizers allow you to heat for one hit at a time rather than needing to vaporize the whole chamber of herbs at once.

For more information about the best portable dry-herb vaporizer I have experienced, please visit ghvape.com. I am happy to answer any specific questions you have about this device or any others you are considering.


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