Where can I apply online for medical marijuana card for oklahoma

"I would like to find a online doctor that covers my state of oklahoma for medical marijuana card that doesn’t charge alot I’m disabled on a fixed income can you help me I have a c-4 c-5 fusion in my neck I had a 45 degree fracture and pain pills doesn’t work"

Unfortunately, medical marijuana in Oklahoma is specifically approved for children with epilepsy intending to use CBD products.


Now is the time to contact your Senator to push for the legalization of cannabis for chronic pain.
Of all 50 states Oklahoma has the highest rate of narcotic abuse so your senator may be interested in trying to make that change because that’s a Negative mark on your state.
The topical cannabis salve does not go systemic and the high CBD salve will not make a person high but certainly can get them out of pain in about 10 minutes and it can last for 4 to 6 hours so we all have to wonder why exactly would they keeps such a beneficial medication illegal and withhold wellness from their citizens.
A lot of disabled citizens find joy in growing their own plants and making their own medicines.
One thing you can do right now is to have your doctor check your vitamin D level because if your vitamin D level is low you will have more muscle skeletal and structural pain.
Good luck in your quest to improve your health, that is a very worthwhile journey.




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