Mr. Nice

13–20% THC <1% CBD

If you’re looking for a mellow, easygoing high, give Mr. Nice a try. This cannabis strain is ideal for lazy Sundays and medical marijuana patients who want to alleviate pain, stress and insomnia.

Bred by Amsterdam-based Sensi Seeds, Mr. Nice (or Mr. Nice Guy) is a cross between G13 and Hash Plant. This cannabis strain was named after drug smuggler and marijuana activist Dennis Howard Marks, who acquired the moniker Mr. Nice after allegedly purchasing a passport from a deceased, convicted murderer named Donald Nice.

Cannabis consumers can expect dense buds and a fruity aroma from this indica-dominant flower. Mr. Nice has a strong, earthy flavor and a moderate THC content that usually registers at 13–20%.

With mild and soothing physical and mental effects, Mr. Nice is aptly named. This marijuana strain produces an easygoing high that uplifts mood and promotes bodily relaxation. For this reason, save Mr. Nice for a lazy weekend afternoon or as an after-work treat.

Mr. Nice’s physical sensations are useful for medical marijuana patients who want relief from pain, nausea and arthritis. This cannabis strain’s calming nature can also wash away stress and induce sleep, making it a good fit for those with insomnia.

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