12–21% THC <1% CBD

Derived from famous parent strains Jack Herer and G13, XJ13 is a sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid known for sparking creativity, while also providing an easygoing and euphoric experience.

Despite this cannabis strain having the same name as a 1966 British prototype race car, XJ13 originated in the U.S. Many believe that XJ13 was bred for the sweet, citrus flavor that G13 was missing.

This cannabis strain packs a pungent aroma and strong earthy flavors that surpass its predecessors. XJ13 flowers are often dense and covered in frosty trichomes.

Even though XJ13 is potent, it’s considered to be a great strain for novice consumers. True to its sativa heritage, XJ13 stimulates cerebral activity, making consumers feel sociable, uplifted and happy. It’s also known to generate energy and help ignite conversation.

These effects make XJ13 a great cannabis strain to start the day, as it shouldn’t impair one’s ability to focus. Because XJ13 tends to make people feel more bubbly and friendly, it’s perfect to share with friends, and an excellent choice for people who tend to be bashful.

Medical marijuana patients may find that XJ13 can alleviate anxiety, stress, depression and ADD/ADHD. Although the full body effects of XJ13 are subtle, medical marijuana consumers have reported relief from muscle spasms, pain and fatigue. This strain is helpful for patients that want to reduce their symptoms, yet still want the ability to complete daily tasks.

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