10 Award-Winning Strains in Legal Recreational Cannabis States

From Alaska to Maine, here are some of the most popular and award-winning cannabis strains in states that have adult-use marijuana laws on the books. …


Hi There,

"Ive been looking online for a store in Oregon which has a high THC content. One that I found with 75% THC and 7.5% CBD …


Can I use my medical card in Oregon as well?


I'm in Oregon, looks like I can't ask my question


How do I get a medical marijuana card in Oregon? I've had chronic back pain and severe Fibromyalgia

"Since 2009 and the pills they give me for pain don’t work unless I consume a large amount of them. " Hi there- In Oregon …


Can I get a recommendation for Oregon?

Sorry we are not available in Oregon at this time. However, I would encourage you to check out our new "Answers" feature here: https://www.hellomd.com/questions-and-answers Patients …


How do I find a medical doctor In Portland Oregon for my minor daughter that will evaluate her for MM use?

"She suffers from PTSD, Autism, Anxiety and Depression. She is extremely aggressive. I want her to start on a protocol of MM. How do I …


If living in California, can you purchase products in Oregon? I

"I bought a topical called Crystal Gardens Massage oil for my sciatica pain that worked well. I’d like to get more." It is legal for …


If Foria Pleasure is purchased in California, is it legal to take on a plane to Oregon?

Since airport space and the plane itself is regulated Federally where cannabis and its related products are classified as a Schedule 1 drug, they are …


would they know i have medical card when crossing the border into Canada? I've read posts that they bring this up?

"A lot of people believe that its just a questioning tactic, they might just ask as if they know if they see your from CA …

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