How do I print a copy of my recommendation from the Doctor?

Hi there! While logged into your HelloMD account, go to "View Medical Card"; you’ll be...

Is this thing right?

Now in California it is legal to smoke cannabis. Is it legal to purchase cannabis from a dispensary?

Hi there, as of Jan 1, the state of California has made recreational marijuana legal. That said, depending...

What is the best product for chronic pain?

Because everyone’s biochemistry (and endocannabinoid system) is unique, there’s no one-size-fits-all...

I’d like to order if possible

In regards to proving a past DX for PTSD, what documents are needed?

I did not receive medical card

How can I get started in Illinois?

How how much for a renewal

What benefit will this card be to a patient that does not also apply for a state ID ?

This article goes over some of the benefits of having a medical marijuana recommendation (MMR). https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/5a302030100a820006562ebf/why-youll-still-need-a-medical-recommendation-after-jan-1 I...

How much does this cost? Does it include a picture ID?

My medical card expired in October 2017. Can I get deliveries now that the recreational law has passed?

Hi there! Yes, however you’ll have to check to make sure that the dispensary or delivery service...
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