December 9, 2016


Remicade and Cannabis interactions.

"Hello, my mother has a rare form of sarcoidosis in her spine. The virus has greatly weakened her ability to use her legs and get …


Can it help with erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be due to a number of factors, and generally a distinction is made between physiological (low T, low BP, arteriosclerosis) and psychological …


What's a good starter edible or tincture for chronic pain (foot) with reduced headiness.

" I simply want something for the pain?" Personally I would recommend starting out with a tincture because it’s generally easier to control your dose …


How to treat anal burning resulting from 1/2 RSO Suppository (150mg THC)

Aloe can be very soothing both internally and externally. I would try aloe vera juice, olive oil or petroleum jelly. You may have an anal …


hello i would like to know more for pain and sleep problems

We have a lot of information on our site already about using cannabis products for pain and sleep. I suggest you start with these two …

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