March 15, 2017


Learn About the Cannabis Industry: INTERSECTION SF

Have you been curious to learn about the cannabis industry? Intersection SF is a networking event taking place on Thursday March 23 in San Francisco …


Can we do the interview via the phone?

"I don’t have skype. " No. California law requires that the consultation be done over live video using a HIPAA-compliant video application. If you download …


How do I get a recommendation for my pet?

"I have a dog that would benefit from marijuana." There are products that are sold for animals that are mostly CBD products. For products that …


Best product for cancer (brain)?

"My son was diagnosed with trilateral retinoblastoma. The prognosis is poor but we are not going down without a fight. What marijuana products could help …


How quickly do you feel the effects of smoking or vaping marijuana?

Vaping & smoking can deliver the effects of cannabis much faster (if not the fastest) than other consumption methods. While methods like edibles can take …

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