August 12, 2017


New Research Proves Marijuana Effectively Controls Chronic Pain

In a recent comprehensive review of current data on the health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids,...

Top 5 Marijuana Products for Chronic Pain

Top 5 Products to Fight Chronic Pain I’m a huge fan of rock climbing. It’s a sport that puts...

Can I order products from HelloMD if I live outside of California?

"I have an Arizona medical marijuana card." We do not sell products; the products you see...

I'm at the step when I was supposed to speak with a doctor

I payed $39 dollars last time now its says 49 why more

Does CBD help with constant pain from copd. Pain in hips,neck,back and legs pain?

Hello! Yes cannabis can help decrease chronic pain. I would recommend to try a 1:1 CBD to THC sublingual...

Is the effectiveness of a tincture altered by how you ingest it?

"Will my tincture be as effective if I put it on a piece of toast vs. in a liquid? Or, taken sublingually?" I...

how much juice to drink per day

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