October 28, 2017

What is the best cannabis product you can recommend for headaches caused by anxiety?

Formulations with equal THC/CBD ratio and formulations with low THC/High CBD ratio seem to be effective...

My doctors recommendation went through the laundry. How can I get a replacement?

replacement doctors recommendation.

I need to receive my card to print out.

how can i get my prescription changed ?

Medical providers do not prescribe medical cannabis, Recommendations are made. To change your dosage...

Where do I start in getting a medical cannabis card?

Can a licensed childcare provider in California obtain a medical marijuana recommendation?

Your medial history is used to determine whether you qualify for a recommendation or not. Not your profession....

Please send to 1890 Junction Blv Roseville CA

Can you please send me another recommendation

can I sell to friends?

Hi there! Unless you are a dispensary owner, you cannot legally sell cannabis or cannabis products to...

How much cannabis is legal to carry

Hello. It varies by state and by the form of cannabis (flower, oils ect). In New York, it is illgeal...

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