Country Cannabis Joints – the Future of Weed is Low THC Flower

In every dispensary, I see cannabis products with higher and higher levels of THC. Consumers, or at least dispensary owners who select the weed products on their shelves, believe that the more potent, the better.

Higher levels of THC have proven to be big business for dispensaries. When THC levels test higher than 25%, dispensaries can charge $75 or more for an eighth of weed. So it’s no surprise that the weed business has consumers believing that more THC is better and relates to a higher quality product.

The problem is, it isn’t true.

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Why Low THC Flower is Better

In reality, the THC percentage has nothing to do with marijuana quality and, according to a study from The University of Colorado, it doesn’t even get you higher as the percentage exponentially increases.

Our body’s cannabinoid receptors become saturated at higher THC levels, beyond which there is a diminishing effect of additional THC. So, once you get above 17-20 percent in THC content, you’re not getting more high. But, even that may be too much THC; the old adage, less is more, holds true.

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The Biphasic Effect of Marijuana

The biphasic effect is when a lower dosage of something creates a desired outcome, while a higher dose may produce adverse effects. Think of when you drink a glass or two of wine; you may become more social and relaxed. If you drink the entire bottle, you may become tired, aggressive, or even blackout.

Cannabis produces a biphasic effect within our bodies. Lower doses may create a pleasurable effect for many people, and higher doses may induce paranoia, anxiety, or even a panic attack. Lower doses also may be more beneficial in treating medical conditions. Dr. Justin Sulak, a well-known cannabis physician, treats 90 percent of his patients with lower dosages.

He says, "When I started my practice, I was surprised to see that some patients were using very low dosages (e.g. 1 puff), while other patients require much higher dosages (e.g. an entire large joint or a potent edible) to achieve optimal benefits. Over time, I noticed that most patients using small amounts of cannabis were getting better and more sustainable results than their high-dosage counterparts with similar conditions."

Beyond whether low THC is more efficacious than higher THC, most of today’s cannabis consumers aren’t looking to get super high; they’re looking for a strain they can enjoy that won’t knock them out. And when we look at cannabis consumers that are about to enter the market, the same can be said. The vast majority of cannabis consumers want or need moderate levels of THC.

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Since entering the cannabis industry in 2014, I’ve been an advocate of microdosing. I was extremely fortunate to receive excellent medical advice over a decade ago and found that microdosing cannabis stopped my chronic migraines.

This transformative life event led me to start the cannabis Telehealth company HelloMD. Over the last ten years, I’ve hosted educational events on the topic and written numerous articles about microdosing in hopes of mainstreaming the concept.

In the last couple of years, numerous brands have created microdosed cannabis products for consumers desiring lower-dose THC. This is especially true within the edibles category, where there is a good selection of microdosed products. Yet, there has been little movement toward a lower percentage of THC when it comes to low-dose cannabis flower.

The rare exception is the new California cannabis brand called Country. Dubbed the "Bud Lite of cannabis," Country is one of the only, if not the first, cannabis brand to deliver low-dose cannabis strains successfully.

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Country Revolutionizes Cannabis

Country was created by Jamie Feaster, one of the original founders of the cannabis delivery app Eaze. Jamie started Country because he saw an enormous gap in the market when it came to low-dose flower. He also has an eye toward the new cannabis consumer who may want to smoke a marijuana strain that would allow them to remain functional. His vision was to create a low-dose, premium cannabis flower to go hand in hand with a hard-working lifestyle. Hence Country’s claim of weed that "can help you accomplish an honest day’s work with a smile."

Finally, a cannabis brand that understands that many consumers like to smoke weed and get stuff done!

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My Experience Trying Country Ranch’s Good Neighbor Joints

I purchased a six-pack of Country Ranch’s Good Neighbor joints for $40 from a nearby dispensary. When I tell you their packaging is next-level, I mean it. The joints come in a vacuum-sealed jar with a built-in pump that allows you to reseal the jar every time you close the lid. Brilliant!

Also, if you look at the back of any Country package you’ll see a welcoming message from Jamie, the Founder, and his phone number. If you ring or text him, he actually responds! I sent him a picture of my bunny next to his Country package of Neighbor joints and he texted me back with a friendly note back.

When I first opened the Country package, it made a "tsssss" sound, leading me to believe that these joints would taste incredibly fresh. I had a busy day ahead of me and usually microdose THC, so I sparked one of the joints and smoked while I began answering my emails.

After the first couple of puffs, I had to stop and hold the joint between my fingers to get another look at it. This flower tasted, unlike anything I’d had before. There were notes of citrus, pine, and even fruit. I could taste the terpenes in all their glory. This Good Neighbor blend features the strains Jack Herer and AC/DC. But this joint only contains 11% THC and has 9% CBD – creating a perfect blend between the two.

While I smoked, I hummed to the music playing and noticed that I remained clear-headed and even became a little more focused. I buzzed through my morning emails, drank my morning coffee, and felt great. In fact, I felt motivated to take on my day.

After my experience with Country Ranch’s Good Neighbor joint, I’m a big fan. This is certainly one of my new favorite brands of 2022. Now I recommend these joints to anyone looking for a low-dose flower option, and I’ve even brought them to dinner parties as a host gift. Even if you think you don’t like cannabis, or you’ve had a bad experience with it in the past, Country may change your mind.

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