Treatwell Health

HelloMD has concluded our investigation into the sad events that transpired this past weekend involving our partner Treatwell Health, and its founder and CEO Alison

Introducing the New HelloMD Store

For three years, our customers have been asking us why they can’t buy the cannabis products they learn about on our website. Well, today, I’m

HelloMD Launches in New York

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our Telehealth service to the state of New York. Any person wishing to qualify for the

Invest in HelloMD

Friends of HelloMD, we have some exciting news… Yesterday HelloMD featured on stage at one of the largest startup events in the United States –

How to Know Which Strain is Right for You

The Strain Name Game Different cannabis strains produce different chemical profiles, which can significantly alter the effects consumers or patients experience. To differentiate the types

Have We Come Too Far Too Soon?

I have never been a fan of states getting too far ahead of the federal government on drug policy. Yes, I want to push the

An Open Letter to Jeff Sessions

Dear Senator Sessions, Congratulations on your nomination for Attorney General. As the nations’ most senior law enforcement official, you have a big job ahead of

Is This the Perfect Marijuana Edible?

I don’t usually like marijuana edibles. Too sweet, too sticky, too large, poorly packaged, too slow to come on and unpredictable with their effect. Lately

Why I am voting NO on Prop 64

Prop 64 sounds great, right? Let’s legalize marijuana for everyone. I have been advocating this position my entire life. The drug war has been a

Firefly 2 – Unboxing and Review

One of the great things about being in the cannabis industry, is getting to try out some of the coolest gadgets and products in this

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