Top 6 Cannabis Strains to Make Watching Fireworks Extra Fun

Fireworks season is here. With plenty of opportunities to witness colorful explosions in the sky, the...

Follow Your Nose: Using Scent to Guide Your Cannabis Choices

Much ado is made over the bouquet of a special wine or the sweet caramel notes of a freshly brewed cup...

How Cannabis Can Help Treat & Prevent Dry, Chapped Skin

Being windswept looks good in photos, but rarely feels good. Think about how much the wind and other...

Big Pharma & Cannabis: 5 Trends to Watch

The pharmaceutical industry has long been an opponent of cannabis legalization. It’s no surprise, because...

10 Award-Winning Strains in Legal Recreational Cannabis States

From Alaska to Maine, here are some of the most popular and award-winning cannabis strains in states...
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