Hello can I purchase a product from you center if I only have a PDF file of a recommendation from hellomd

Hi there!

Some dispensaries will accept the PDF copy, and others may request an embossed version*, which is mailed to you with your ID card. We recommend you call ahead, and ask if they are require an ’embossed stamp’ on the recommendation.

Delivery services are often more flexible with the PDF copy. If you need to find a dispensary or delivery service in your area, please check here: www.hellomd.com/biz

*Note that there is nothing in CA law that requires the embossed version. This is an individual requirement of the dispensaries themselves.

If you have not received your embossed recommendation and photo ID card in the mail, please use the Live Chat bubble (the blue and white circle on the bottom) on our website to get in touch with our Customer Service team. We will be happy to mail out another copy for you.

I hope this information helps!


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