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"My Mums recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, it’s pretty far along and so I’ve been researching for days. I’m looking at starting her on Cannabis Oil ASAP. From what I’ve read CBD and THC work best together so I want to start her on 100mg CBD & 50mg THC in the day and 50mg CBD & 100mg THC at night (the night dose as a suppository). Over the month working up to 400mg CBD & 200mg THC in the day (perhaps in 2 doses) and at night 250mg CBD & 500mg THC, continuing that dose for the next few months. Obviously dependent on how she tolerates it. Does that sound about right? These doses are pure, So for example if the oil is 35% CBD, I’ll give her 100mls for a 350mg dose. "

I am very sorry to hear about your mother and I admire your efforts and support. I highly recommend working with a dispensary pharmacist for the best product, dosage, and administration recommendations to maximize your mother’s treatment goals. HelloMD will gladly assist by first consulting with your mother for a medical cannabis card which can occur relatively quickly. Once the card is issued, your mother can register with the state and list you as a caregiver so that you both can work with the pharmacist moving forward. I hope you find this information helpful and best of luck.


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