What dispensaries are in my area?

"How do I find out what dispensaries or delivery services are near me?"

You can use the ‘Biz Listing’ feature here on our website to search for both delivery services and dispensaries in your area; you simply enter your zip code or city to see what’s near you. If you have the HelloMD iPhone app, simply tap ‘Dispensaries’ to see what’s in your area; make sure you have enabled location services for the app so that this feature will automatically populate results for you.


You can look for one on HelloMD by clicking on ‘Biz Listings’ above (here: https://www.hellomd.com/biz). Enter your city or zip code and it will return some options – both for dispensaries and for companies that may deliver in your area.


You could try a company like GetSava – they have a good selection of tinctures and delivery throughout the state…https://www.getsava.com/product-tag/tincture/


If you search your zip code on the "Biz Listing" option, you will see places near you. The link is https://www.hellomd.com/biz
Some places are "walk-in" and some are delivery services. It is always wise to call first, before going into a dispensary, and confirm their hours, location and if there is a specific item you are searching for. Also, most places take cash only for payments; find that out ahead of time, or bring cash.


You can order your medical marijuana online with Pot Valet. No need to drive to your local dispensary. Your order will be delivered within 45 minutes at your doorstep. They have many promo codes for the new as well as existing customers. You can check out details here: https://www.potvalet.com/


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