Northern Lights

16–26% THC <1% CBD

If you’re looking for a classic indica with calming, yet uplifting effects, look no further than Northern Lights. A highly popular marijuana strain, Northern Lights is easily available along the West Coast and Colorado.

Often referred to as one of the most popular marijuana strains around, Northern Lights is a cross between two landrace strains: Afghani (indica) and Thai (sativa). Thought to have first been grown outside of Seattle, Dutch company Sensi Seeds is credited with propagating this strain in 1985. Readily available in Colorado and along the West Coast, many variations of Northern Lights abound, with #1 and #5 being the most prominent.

This cannabis strain features predominantly indica characteristics: Its buds are medium to large and dense, with purple hues if grown in a cold climate. Northern Lights carries a classic earthy, pine aroma, and consumers note sweetness and hints of lemon in its flavor profile.

Northern Lights hits fast and hard—first with a full body melt that can leave you stuck to the couch, then a cerebral euphoria that allows consumers to destress. Northern Lights is a classic nighttime strain—a good match for those looking to hang out and watch a movie after a long day.

With its largely indica genetics, Northern Lights is a great go-to for medical marijuana patients seeking pain relief or appetite stimulation. Its uplifting characteristics means that it can also work for those with depression, stress and other mood disorders.

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