CBD rich tincture

"Hi I’m looking for a strain that will not make me anxious or paranoid. A CBD rich ticture high ratio CBD to THC. " Strains

Cannabis and Tinitus

"Is there any information available how specific cannabis/hemp based products (e.g. tincture, etc.) could help in case of Tinitus? Thanks." Hello, As far as reducing

How do you use tinctures?

Hello, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_G4OqWxgys drkim Tinctures are a great way to dose cannabis. You can get consistent results. Everyone is different so with tinctures you can start

How to Get Your Parents to Try Cannabis

Talking to your parents about cannabis can feel like a daunting task. For many middle-aged and older folks, the misconceptions about cannabis bred during the

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