November 16, 2016

Does Marijuana relieve pain?

It does indeed. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons that medical patients choose to use cannabis instead of prescription pain killers. That

How can I find organic cannabis?

It’s very hard to find when compared to traditional cannabis growing.. depending on the area you are in that can be even more true. I

how can I find organically grown cannabis?

Great question. There are vendors that offer sun grown, organic cannabis. Here are some options: mark We’re happy to see this question being

THC for multiple sclerosis?

"my mom was diagnosed with ms 17 years ago, she has 80% damage to both of her legs and has been taking pills to relief

Help with heroin addiction

"I am looking for a product to help in recovery from heroin addiction. I live in Texas. Is it possible for me to find a

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