January 2, 2017


what is recommended for severe perimenopause symptoms such as irritability?

Cannabis is a very safe herb that helps with many conditions. Try inhaling a small dose of a hybrid strain and observe for results. You …


What would work well post vasectomy?

I am not sure from this question if you are asking for the strain or type of cannabis that would work well for pain or …


How do I get a letter for a caregiver?

"I would like to designate someone to buy marijuana for me because I’m unable to go to the dispensary myself." If you will be unable …


My mom has back pain and she's borderline diabetic , I hear that cannabis oil can help with diabetes

Yes, cannabidiol (CBD oil) does show good results in helping stabilize the blood sugar and improves the way the body deals with carbohydrates as well …


Which vaporizer would be best to help with migraines?

Patients have primarily reported using either our Balance or Balance+ vaporizers for migraines, as well as for muscle pain, stress relief and increasing appetite. michaelkatz …


My wife has chronic pain severe and anxiety issues. What would you recommend? (something affordable)

So sorry to hear about your wife’s ailments. Patients have reported using a couple of our products for what you’ve described. Our BALANCE and BALANCE+ …


I am having spine nerve pain that teaches into my left leg and knee and is quite severe.

"Is their a CBD oil/vap product that could help this condition?" Yes cannabis is very helpful for neuropathic pain. I would try a sublingual tincture …


I make my own oil. Can I vape that?

No, please stick with the commercial Vape oils since they should be pharmaceutical grade. The lungs are extremely sensitive and can be easily damaged so …


Is there scientific reasoning for choosing whichever essential oils to include?

"How did you decide on the oils you’ve chosen to include in each of the pens? Were they chosen primarily for their flavor/aroma profiles or …


I have never smoked or inhaled any substance. Is a vape beneficial for me to use?

We never encourage smoking but vaporization is not smoking. Mark, one of the co-owners of hello M.D. did a fine video that addresses this issue …


What does the percentage of THC mean? What is the rest of it contain?

"%THC" This refers to the potency or mass percentage of the oil. In Evoxe’s case, we start with a 70%+ feedstock, totaling approximately 350mg of …


Does Balance+ contain any essential oils or odorants?

Yes, it does. Balance+ pens combine organically grown, whole plant CBD oil with Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and Tangerine. mattmcmanus

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