6 Cannabis Strains to Pair With Your ASMR Triggers

o say that ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) has gone mainstream is a pretty gross understatement. After all, Michelob featured the techniques for triggering ASMR …


4 Top CBD Topicals for Summer Skin Care

With summertime in full swing, your skin is likely getting a lot more exposure to the elements—sun, wind, you name it. After all, with the …


Opulent Chef’s Michael Magallanes Dishes About Cannabis

San Francisco-based chef Michael Magallanes wants to turn folks into cannabis connoisseurs. Having trained and worked his way up the line under French Laundry chefs …


Staff Picks: 5 Cannabis Strains to Go With the GoT Finale

Since its debut in April 2011, HBO’s “Game of Thrones” (GoT) has made devotees of millions of people around the world. Over the past eight …


Study Finds Seniors Safely & Effectively Take Cannabis

With cannabis consumption now legal in some form across 33 states and the District of Columbia, the country is continuing its march towards normalizing use …


DIY Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Green Detox Drink

After six or so weeks of holiday binging, starting the new year bright-eyed and bushy-tailed can be a tall order. Whether you’ve gained a few …


Can Cannabis Shrink Tumors: Mike Voss Thinks So

Cannabis was always something Mike Voss, director of sales for the Venice Cookie Company, had enjoyed—through his youth and adulthood. But it took on new …


Cannabis Cookbook Takes Edibles to the Next Level

“Have you ever had pot brownies from a boxed mix that tasted vaguely of burnt rubber tires and were way too strong (discovered, regrettably, after …


HelloMD’s Pamela Hadfield Talks Trends at Wine & Weed

HelloMD’s co-founder Pamela Hadfield joined a lively roster of industry insiders at the Wine & Weed Symposium, held in Santa Rosa, CA, last week. Pamela …


NY Health Dept Allows Medical Marijuana to Replace Opioids

Last month, the New York Department of Health filed an emergency measure allowing patients using prescription opioids to replace them with medical marijuana. This measure, …


Staff Picks: Top 6 Marijuana Strains for Headache Relief

Preliminary studies along with plenty of anecdotal evidence point to marijuana as a good option for relieving headaches. Read More.


Goodbye, Insomnia: A HelloMD Educational Event

Last week, HelloMD held an educational event—the first of many—in San Francisco, hosted by our Chief Medical Officer Perry Solomon, M.D., and featuring Chris Emerson, …

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