Cannabis can be extremely effective in treating many types of pain and discomfort. (Looking for help tailored specifically to you? Book some time with one of our experts to get personalized support. It’s free).


Will this product help with chronic lower back pain due to arthritis, stenosis and spasms? Which product would be more effective this one or the 1:3 ratio?

Hi there! I answered this question right above. Here is more information and suggestions if you were interested in forms other than topical products. …


Cancer, Anxiety, Pain, Depression & Cannabis vs Opioids

"I am trying to help my friend who has Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma that has spread to the sinus/brain/frontal bone areas. She has had …


cervico-brachial neuralgia

"Hello, My mother has cervico-brachial neuralgia and is in a lot pain, even after a surgery. It’s been 3 years now and while the surgery …


What is the best cannabis product for chronic pain?

"Best" comes down to method of ingestion – for chronic pain, preferably a tincture or edible for their long-lasting, global effects. You can read more …


Can someone help me on how to use this?

"I am used to the Valhalla Gummies and I have had to cut other things in half or it would be too strong. I need …


What does high CBD mean for my health, I have joint pain.

Hello, Several studies suggest that cannabis can help alleviate the pain of arthritis. And while cannabis research has historically focused on THC, synthetic cannabinoids, or …


I live in Texas, have been using quality CBD oil from hemp but would be willing to come to Califormia for better pain treatment. I live in Texas. Would that be a possibility?

Yes you do not need a CA ID to obtain a CA recommendation. Once you are in CA, you would be able to speak with …


My mother suffers from Parkinson's Disease and spinal stenosis

"Would you recommend a particular CBD product for relief of her pain (mostly back and leg pain)? Would you recommend adding THC to the CBD …


I'm looking for a CBD/THC tincture that will help me with anxiety and sleep as well as back pain

Hi there! Cannabis tinctures/oils with higher concentrations of CBD vs THC, such as 20CBD:1THC, will lessen, or even eliminate psychoactive effects, while still providing some …


I am taking Tylenol 3's with codeine for osteoarthritis of the knees. The pain is


What products is better for Diabetes Type 2 with diabetic nerve pain and diabetes neuropathy

Hello, There was a very recently published randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (the gold-standard of study design) which found that in humans: THCV  significantly decreased fasting …


How do I find a reputable doctor in Illinois to speak with about the medical marijuana program?

"I live in Illinois, and I have been taking 60 mg of oxycodone every 4 hours for the past 6 years to handle 4 dibilitating …

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