Weed goes so far beyond brownies. We’ve got the goods on infused and non-infused eats, from baked goods to entrees for entertaining.


How to Make Cannabis Gummies

How to Make Cannabis Gummies Cannabis gummies are without a doubt the most popular form of marijuana...

DIY Recipe: Cannabis Infused Carrot Cake

Marie Antoinette famously said, "Let them eat cake!" and who doesn’t love a good cake?...

DIY Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Trail Mix for Outdoor Workouts

Spring is here, and for many people, warmer days bring a welcome return to outdoor activities after the...

DIY Recipe: Heartwarming Rosebud Green Tea Infused with CBD

There is something about taking a moment, especially during a particularly stressful day and making a...

DIY Recipe: Gluten-Free Low-Sugar Chocolate Chip Marijuana Cookies

At this point, we’re all aware of the dreaded COVID-15. That’s code for the fifteen pounds since we’ve...

DIY Recipe: Our Stress- Busting CBD-Infused Green Smoothie

Everyone has stress, but during COVID-19 and other times of instability, stress, and anxiety may become...

DIY Recipe: Semi-Homemade, CBD-Infused Tacos

This is a recipe for all of you out there who need to get dinner on the table quickly, whether for a...

DIY Recipe: CBD-Infused Peanut Butter Oat Milk Protein Shake

With the weather starting to change, I decided that I needed to up my smoothie game and make a few changes...

DIY Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

It’s fascinating to see how far we’ve come with edibles infused with marijuana. Edibles have evolved...

DIY Recipe: CBD-Infused Buttermilk Quinoa Waffles

I don’t know about you, but I’m prepping all of my ingredients for tomorrow morning, to celebrate one...

DIY Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream Sandwiches

Whenever I hear the sound of an ice cream truck, I start craving ice cream sandwiches. These sweet snacks...

DIY Recipe: Grilled Salmon With CBD-Infused Quinoa Salad

It’s by far the hottest summer here in New York, where I live. And in this heat, I doubt any of us are...
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