Hello to all of your specified doctors & knowledgable health researchers with cannabis.

"This question replied my mothered life .

A lateness exposure to colorectal cancer. At the moment stands less then 48 h before clinical removable surgery , would thca help? Are they any other alternative then clinical removment? What are the chances for survive and how to avoid death.much love thanks."

The sad news is we cannot avoid death and we never know when it’s coming but we do want to avoid unnecessary pain, sometimes bordering on torture. The fact is in life we will watch everyone we know and love die or they will watch us die and that’s why we must learn to live in the moment.
I also encourage Reading the book or listening to the audiotape, Eckhart Tolle, ‘The Power of Now’ to get in present moment since present moment is the only time we experience joy.
I do hope your mother came through the surgery without any problems and that she’s in recovery.
You touch on a legal issue, we all want to save our loved ones but a cannabis recommendation is required for your mother to use cannabis or you could be prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license (unlikely this would ever happen).
If she is in agreement with using cannabis she could fill out the paperwork, have an online interview with us and be sure her caretaker is present so the caretaker gets a card to acquire her medicine and we can discuss with her and the caretaker what would benefit her the most based on her disease process.
Cannabis is a great medicine and likely would relieve a lot of the uncomfortable symptoms she may be experiencing.


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