The 5 Best Cannabis Products for Better Sex in California

Thinking about bringing cannabis into the bedroom? Many people report that bedroom weed improves arousal, intimacy, and even increases the number of orgasms. While the …


The Best Cannabis Gummy for a Calm Effect – the Sparkling Strawberry Rose Gummies by Garden Society

Whatever the season, I often daydream that I’m sitting on a white beach, sand between my toes, while my cares and worries wash away with …


Can Hellomd help me to get my MMC even if I don't live in California?

"none" Unfortunately, we cannot. We can, however, evaluate you if you were in California, regardless of residence. drkim


How do I get a medical marijuana card?

"I tried to do this online with you guys a number of months ago, but there was some glitch and I never followed up. I’ve …


Can you get a medical card in California and use it in Louisiana?

"." Hi there! I am afraid the state of Louisiana does not currently offer reciprocity for medical marijuana. This means, Louisiana does not currently recognize …


Ups & Downs in Legal Cannabis in the First Half of 2018

Late summer is always an exciting and busy season for cannabis farmers. Millions of plants are flowering and cannabis consumers across the state are beginning …


Do I need a Dr’s recommendation card to purchase or just my California drivers license


how can i verify myself on the official California mmic site?

"site is here:" Hi there! If you have a medical marijuana identification card (MMIC) you can click on the website your provided ( and …


CA Cannabis Retailers Bracing for Next Phase of Legalization

Though Proposition 64 was staged as a multi-tiered rollout, most consumers assumed the bumps in the road would be smoothed over by the summer. Buckle …


Why Are Some Cannabis Products No Longer Available?

Have you noticed anything different at your local cannabis retailer since adult-use marijuana became legal in California? Most dispensaries have experienced a sharp reduction in …


10 Award-Winning Strains in Legal Recreational Cannabis States

From Alaska to Maine, here are some of the most popular and award-winning cannabis strains in states that have adult-use marijuana laws on the books. …


Prop 64 Update: 100 Days of Legal Recreational Marijuana

The first quarter of the calendar year has passed and California cannabis consumers, industry members and activists are still on the fence regarding the success …

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