September 13, 2017


How do atomizers work in vape pens?

For hemp CBD eliquids the solution is absorbed on a wick wrapped around a heating element. When the batter is activated the current heats up …


Understanding Marijuana Laws in Your Area

If you think cannabis might be a good option for you, one of the first steps you should take is to find out about the …


New Yorkers Rejoice – Medical Marijuana Now Delivered to Your Door

New York City is a town that’s always embraced delivery. Neighborhood markets and local pizza joints were bringing goods to customers’ front doors well before …


If I use Foria THC and get pregnant will there be defects to the fetus?

If you are using systemic THC, i.e. products that go into the bloodstream, then it is safest to avoid cannabis during pregnancy. Fortunately, during very …


I am going on a 28-day cruise, can I take my battery and oil cartridges?

Recently, a family member went on a cruise, it was shorter than 28 days, and it was not a problem to use the vapor pens …


CBD and THC: A Perfect Balance for Healing

Herbalists say that for every poisonous plant, there’s another with an antidote not far away. That kind of balance between opposites is everywhere in nature—and …


Top 5 Conditions Cannabis Treats Effectively

As cannabis is legalized in more states and countries, people are turning to this powerful plant to address chronic medical conditions as well as day-to-day …


What can you recommend for back spasms?

Topical cannabis is wonderful for relieving muscles spasms. To use cannabis topicals for muscle spasms, just apply cream to affected area. If needed another round …


Which works better to heal cancer: TCH or CBD?

Thanks for your question. Cancer is term that encompasses a wide range of disease processes, some of which are easily curable, and some of which …


Can I order through this company with the PDF version of my medical marijuana recommendation?

Yes, you definitely can! Please click Join button at so we can sign you up in our system. kushfly


Marijuana Has a New Starring Role in Beauty Products

Chefs and foodies are finding new ways to enjoy cannabis in the culinary world, designers are artfully weaving it into fashion, the wellness industry has …

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