Multiple Sclerosis


Cannabis and MS

"Is anyone using Cannabis for any type of symptom relief for MS? If so, would you share what type of cannabis is giving you relief? …


How Cannabis Works to Protect & Repair the Brain

For decades, anti-drug campaigns have portrayed cannabis as a risky substance that not only opens the door to abusing harder drugs, but also causes a …


What strain of cannibis is best for the symptoms of MS?

Neurological symptoms are managed most efficiently with high CBD to low THC ratio products. It is generally accepted that a 20:1 ratio is a good …


I am seeking CBD treatment for a relative.

"with MS, a lot of neurological damage causing psych issues, and PTSD.I was going to try the regimen that Dr. Sharon Olson suggested, 28:1, 5 …


What types of cannabis and ratios are people using for MS – Multiple Sclerosis?

"Symptoms: bilateral running leg pain from hips to feet; urine retention (cathing 5-6 times/day); weakness and pain in legs (constant), fatigue." Hi there! Please check …


What is the best type of cannabis for multiple sclerosis patients?

" I need something that helps with pain, relaxation, appetite, and sleep. " Hi there, There have been many promising studies done with Sativex, a …


Strains that help with MS

Hi there! Unfortunately, we do not have a list of Cannabis strains that would specifically help those with Multiple Sclerosis. However, cannabis is currently being …


What are the top marijuana strains for helping with multiple sclerosis (MS)?

The best strains for Multiple Sclerosis are equal THC-CBD strains (HYBRID). According to the National Multiple Scleoris Society, a “Summary of evidence-based guideline: Complementary and …


What cannabis strains are the best for cognitive improvement?

"I have multiple sclerosis and ADHD. " This might be article on talks about different strains for ADHD and clarity. PiantaTinta


New Studies Indicate Cannabis Helps With Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, also known as MS, is a devastating autoimmune disorder that affects the brain and spinal cord. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are wide-ranging …


How do you use a tincture?

"I purchased a high CBD cannabis tincture. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to use it, can you help?" Most often, you place the drops …


Howdo I get to te Doctor I have had MS for 28 years!

If you need to talk to a doctor and you live in California, please select the Talk to a Doctor button in the top right …

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