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what is best as a sleep aid?

I’ve always had trouble sleeping. But now it’s got worse and insomnia at night and walking dead during...

How do i renew my license ?


What about vaping? Is it safe if product is received from licensed dispensary?

I’ve heard about the vaping crisis and want to know if I’m better protected buying products from a licensed...

I have allergy asthma but have been able smoke hybrids with no problems. As soon as I try an Indica to sleep it causes an asthma attack. Something in the buds?


What dose of Cannabis is considered low? I am currently taking Lexapro 7.5mg without much benefit.

How soon before surgery should I stop vaping marijuana?

"I’m scheduled to have a polypectomy under general anesthesia in 15 days. I’m told the...

How concerned should we be with lung disease assoociated with vaping?

"Lots being written about it. "

Does this full spectrum raw CBD have enough THC to show up on urine tests?

"@" Yes Gaaya



I've diagnosed that i've a brain tumor (cyst) in my left temporal lobe

"I’ve diagnosed that i’ve a brain tumor (cyst) in my left temporal lobe and it’s...

i have some moxeys mints 25:1 (500 CBD &20 mg THC) will I get a high from one. I want for pain only, do not want to experience any kind of high.

"@" Hi there, If you have any products that are 25 CBD to 1 THC, you will not experience...

Any recommendations for tendinitis?

"tennis elbow"
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