Explore all Cannabis Strains, Indica, Sativa and Hybrid

Whether you’re new to cannabis or are just looking for something different, our cannabis strain breakdowns and roundups can help you to find the experience or benefit you want. We have over 100 weed strains in the indica, sativa or hybrid categories.


Granddaddy Purple

The large dense flowers, beautiful purple hues, red-orange hairs and many trichomes make Granddaddy Purple’s buds particularly photogenic. Consumers enjoy this cannabis strain for its …


Durban Poison

Durban Poison is an all sativa marijuana strain—expect a clear-headed, focused high that’s perfect for accomplishing everything on your to-do list. Often described as the …

Alzheimer's Disease

What strength of cbd and thc is best for Parkinson’s and moderate dementia?

"Dad has Parkinson’s and recently was diagnosed with moderate dementia and is aggressive combative. I was told cbd oils for day time to keep him …


What strain of Indica do you recommend for severe nerve damage?

BUY CANNABIS We have top quality medical cannabis buds, oil extract,wax, hash and edibles available at affordable prices. You can text me at 3033512578 if …


Blue Dream

This ideal hybrid marijuana strain produces a pleasant combination of sativa and indica effects. Consumers can expect a long-lasting, balanced high from this popular strain, …


Strange anxiety and sleeplessness when taking any cannabis?

"I’ve always been a lightweight when it comes to substances. I could get drunk off of maybe two beers, high off of one good hit. …


Suffering from insomnia. Indica 10mg gummy bears not helping.

"Should I increase mg? Also bought CBD oil – does not help it gives me asthma feeling." Hi, there are many people who don’t get …


What strains would you recommend for sports enhancement?

"I’ve used sativas such as Fruit Punch and Green Crack in replacement of my pre-workout gym shake and have had great effects however, I am …


I am going in for surgery and my MD wants me to ask if 25mg of indica for sleep increases risk of bleeding.

Hello, Cannabis can increase your risk of bleeding as well as increasing other risk factors for surgery including changing blood pressure, heart rate, and possibly …


Can you take cannabis sativa oil internally for shingles?

Regardless of the form of the product, the medication, if dosed correctly, should offer improvement in your post herpetic neuraligia. Ingested products require more time …


I would only want indica can I get that


What are the best strains to smoke for anxiety? Indica, hybrid, or sativa?

Indica i personally use purple urkle for my anxiety Obnoxious420 CBDs tend to calm anxiety quickly so you may consider vaporizing an 18:1 CBD dominant …

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