Can this be used like Foria?

Hi there! This is meant to be taken orally. Sublingual means "under the tongue" and so this should be administered that way. It could be

Cannabis Users Have More Sex

Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re more in the mood since you started consuming cannabis. Maybe your partner says sex is more enjoyable after they’ve taken

Where can I buy Foria Pleasure?

Hi there! Please visit to purchase products online or to find them in your local dispensary. VeronicaB

Best cannabis product for cramps?

"I just bought, but haven’t yet tried Foria Relief. " Hi there! We LOVE Foria products, and encourage our patients to try them out! Here

where can I buy Foria?

Hi, Thank you for your interest in Foria! If you are a California resident you can join our collective and request Foria through our website.

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