Cannabis for Sleep

4 Ways You Can Use CBD to Beat Insomnia

If you’ve ever had a bout of insomnia, you know how frustrating and exhausting it can be. But CBD...
A couple with their border collie, to illustrate holistic home remedies for pets

6 Holistic Home Remedies for Your Pet

Pet owners know the deal. We’ll go to any lengths to make sure our furry family members are happy and...
Cannabis may be able to ease symptoms of vaginal infections

Cannabis May Ease Vaginal Infections & Their Symptoms

Marijuana may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re navigating the discomfort of...
Couple on the beach for cannabis-friendly honeymoon destinations

5 Awesome Cannabis-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

You’ve booked the venue, sent the invitations and finalized the menu. The last decision? Which one of...
Toilet bowl with cactus to represent hemorrhoids

Using Cannabis to Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain

Hemorrhoids affect nearly three-quarters of the population in the US, but no one wants to talk about...

Top 5 Cannabis Strains to Increase Your Sex Drive

There are plenty of great reasons to give cannabis a try, including using it to enhance your sexual experience....

Healthy, CBD-Infused Pumpkin Spice Cookies

If the return of the PSL makes you jump for joy every year, you need to whip up a batch of these CBD-infused...
Cannabis Tolerance Cleanse

Should You Do a Cannabis Tolerance Cleanse?

Learn about cannabis tolerance, how taking a break works, and tips for making it a positive experience.
Improve Sex Drive

4 Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive

Let’s get straight to the point: Sometimes sex is the absolute last thing on your mind. There’s no shame...
Non-Alcoholic, Cannabis-Infused Sangria

Delicious Non-Alcoholic, Cannabis-Infused Sangria

Gorgeous summer evenings with your friends and family call for great food and yummy, refreshing beverages....

4 Spring Activities and CBD Products to Pair Them With

The change in weather from winter to spring brings a lot of life with it—flowers are in bloom, the grass...

DIY Recipe: CBD-Infused Carrot Cake

Spring days are always a welcome sight after the bitter, cold winter. To celebrate the extra sunshine...
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