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Marijuana Can Help You Lose Weight – with the Help of THCV and CBD

Historically, cannabis has been associated with laziness, confusion, and “the munchies.” Most people believe consuming marijuana will make you gain weight and induce binge eating. …


The 6 Best Weed Brands in California

Always slightly ahead of the curve, California was the first state to legalize medicinal cannabis in 1996. In the years since the Golden State has …


4 Cannabis Microdoses to Enhance Your Holiday Party

Holiday party season is in full swing. And what better way to make sure your soiree stands out from the rest than with some cannabis …


7 Cannabis Products for a Relaxing Night In

Modern life is hectic and we all need relaxing evenings. With so many things vying for your attention—from gridlocked traffic on your daily work commute …


Father’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide

PSA: Father’s Day is on June 17. Does Dad need help sleeping at night? Has he been complaining about an old injury? Does he have …


Cannabis Essentials for Your Summer Activities

For many, summer is synonymous with enjoying the great outdoors after a long winter. And one way to make that time outside even better is …


Top 5 Cannabis Products to Help You Stay Asleep

If you’re one of the roughly 10 million Americans who rely on a prescription drug like Ambien or Lunesta to help relieve your insomnia, you …


Can cannabis impact thyroid-stimulating hormone levels?

"I have been taking Kiva blueberries. Recently, I had my TSH level measured and came back at 10.49 – it’s never been that high. " …


I ate a Kiva chocolate and it made me feel so sick! Could the THC have caused that reaction?

"I also tend to get headaches from marijuana. Will I have a much better reaction to 100% CBD for my nausea/anxiety? If so, which vape …


4 Top Cannabis Brands Tell You Their 420 Story

For this year’s 420 we talked to four of the top brands in the cannabis industry to find out what they think about 420, their …

How long do you wait between doses when microdosing

How long do you wait between doses when microdosing?

“I don’t know my tolerance yet. I tried the Kiva Petra Mints yesterday; but I believe 1/2 dose of Kiva Choc made me sick the …


Does Kiva have a stock symbol yet?

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