Health Conditions

Cannabis can be helpful in the treatment of numerous health conditions and their symptoms, ranging in severity. Read on for more about how cannabis may be beneficial for your specific health issue.


Understanding How CBD Can Calm Your Anxiety

It’s a pretty anxiety-producing world out there, and anxiety disorders are becoming increasingly common....

Can Marijuana Help With Chronic Pain, Anxiety & Insomnia?

The world is a turbulent place. Everywhere we turn, there’s another paradigm-shifting event requiring...

What is Ketamine: Psychedelics 101

If you’ve ever had a general anesthetic, you may have heard of ketamine. The commercial use of...

The Top 5 Medical Marijuana Products for Chronic Pain in Illinois

Living with chronic pain is a challenge that interferes with daily life and can be debilitating. Finding...

What are the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Illinois in 2022?

“I am a senior and have been coping with Rheumatoid arthritis more and more. I’m wondering if I can get...

How do I get a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania?

If you’re looking to consume cannabis in Pennsylvania, there may be a long wait for adult-use marijuana...

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Illinois

In 2013, the state of Illinois approved the Medical Cannabis Patient Program, which allows patients with...

What Are the Qualifying Medical Conditions for a Medical Marijauna Card in New York?

What’s Medical Marijuana? The medical marijuana program in New York State was first introduced...

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York?

Getting Your Medical Marijuana ID Card in New York For adults interested in using medical marijuana for...

What are the qualifying conditions for getting a medical marijuana card in New York in 2022?

“I’m dealing with chronic pain from an old motocross accident and I’m scared of taking opioids. I live...

Does Medical Marijuana Prevent Infection from the COVID-19 Virus?

Headline news is breaking that medical marijuana has been found to prevent infection by the COVID-19...

The 5 Best Medical Marijuana Products for Migraines in New York

Suppose you can relate to the pulsating pain, light sensitivity, and general debilitation that comes...
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